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Repair Exchange CACR Yaskawa Servopack Servo Drive CACR-SR CACR-HR CACR-IR CPCR CACR-PR SIGMA SGDB

2-4 business days Standard Repair, Expedited 1 Day Service available, Exchange or Purchase option available. Call 1-847-886-2616 or email to for the price quote and availability. - Email me the quote or
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Contact us regarding service availability for your specific servo unit model

Product Description

Redrive Inc. provide Full service: Repair Exchange Sale Free Estimates for all Yaskawa Yasnac Motoman CACR-HR, CACR-IR, CACR-SR, CACR-PR, CPCR-MR and SIGMA SGDB ServoPack models. Lowest Prices in the industry!

Servo Drive service terms:

  • Fast and professional repair
  • 24-48 hours turnaround time for 95% of repairs
  • Free drive evaluation. Customer responsible for shipping cost.
  • 6 Months limited warranty (all parts and labor) and 24/7 technical support for all repair services and refurbished servos
  • All repair services include a full unit refurbishing - complete cleaning, all necessary updates, modifications and preventative parts replacement.
  • Exchange (trade-in) program with same day shipping available for repair price*
  • Up to 24 months Extended Warranty available for a low extra cost
  • All servo drives will be tested with suitable CNC control and servomotor in work cycle.
  • Expedite same day service available for a very low extra cost
  • Over 1900 servopacks in stock for exchange
  • We will beat all competitors prices!
  • Contact us online now or call 1-847-886-2616

Also Redrive Inc. provide repair services for Power Supplies, AC Drives, Motors, Encoders, Spindles, PCB and other industrial electronics.

Additional information:

Redrive Inc.
1570 Anderson Lane
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 USA
Phone: 847-886-2616
Fax: 888-761-5070

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Tip: Can't find my servo drive model. Our price list include only models at least once serviced by Redrive Inc. If your particular drive model / part number not in this price list - don't worry. Click here, enter model number, contact information (e-mail or phone) and your question (for example "need a repair quote" ) and get an answer in a couple minutes.


Contact us if you have any questions.

Series Model Number Repair Exchange Sale  
CACR-DR44 CACR-DR44BZ1       Call
CACR-HR01 CACR-HR01AAB       Call
CACR-HR01 CACR-HR01BAB       Call
CACR-HR02 CACR-HR02AAB       Call
CACR-HR02 CACR-HR02BAB       Call
CACR-HR03 CACR-HR03AAB       Call
CACR-HR03 CACR-HR03BAB       Call
CACR-HR03 CACR-HR03BB       Call
CACR-HR03 CACR-HR03BBC       Call
CACR-HR03 CACR-HR03BBY       Call
CACR-HR05 CACR-HR05AAB       Call
CACR-HR05 CACR-HR05BAB       Call
CACR-HR05 CACR-HR05BB       Call
CACR-HR05 CACR-HR05BBY       Call
CACR-HR10 CACR-HR10AAB       Call
CACR-HR10 CACR-HR10BAB       Call
CACR-HR10 CACR-HR10BB       Call
CACR-HR10 CACR-HR10BBY       Call
CACR-HR10 CACR-HR10SB       Call
CACR-HR10 CACR-HR10UBY       Call
CACR-HR15 CACR-HR15AAB       Call
CACR-HR15 CACR-HR15BAB       Call
CACR-HR15 CACR-HR15BB Repair Exchange Sale Call
CACR-HR15 CACR-HR15BBY       Call
CACR-HR20 CACR-HR20BB       Call
CACR-HR20 CACR-HR20BBY       Call
CACR-HR30 CACR-HR30BB       Call
CACR-HR30 CACR-HR30BBY       Call
CACR-HR30 CACR-HR30SB       Call
CACR-HR30 CACR-HR30UB       Call
CACR-HR30 CACR-HR30UBY       Call
CACR-HR44 CACR-HR44BAB       Call
CACR-HR44 CACR-HR44BB       Call
CACR-HR44 CACR-HR44BBY       Call
CACR-HR44 CACR-HR44SB       Call
CACR-HR44 CACR-HR44UBY       Call
CACR-HR60 CACR-HR60BB       Call
CACR-HR60 CACR-HR60BBY       Call
Series Model Number Repair Exchange Sale  
CACR-IR01 CACR-IR01010       Call
CACR-IR02 CACR-IR02020       Call
CACR-IR03 CACR-IR03030       Call
CACR-IR03 CACR-IR03SB       Call
CACR-IR03 CACR-IR03SEB       Call
CACR-IR03 CACR-IR03SFB       Call
CACR-IR05 CACR-IR05050       Call
CACR-IR05 CACR-IR0505C       Call
CACR-IR05 CACR-IR05SB       Call
CACR-IR05 CACR-IR05SC       Call
CACR-IR05 CACR-IR05SC1       Call
CACR-IR05 CACR-IR05SEB       Call
CACR-IR05 CACR-IR05SFB       Call
CACR-IR05 CACR-IR05SGB       Call
CACR-IR10 CACR-IR10101       Call
CACR-IR10 CACR-IR1020C       Call
CACR-IR10 CACR-IR10SB       Call
CACR-IR10 CACR-IR10SC       Call
CACR-IR10 CACR-IR10SC1       Call
CACR-IR10 CACR-IR10SE Repair Exchange Sale Call
CACR-IR10 CACR-IR10SEB       Call
CACR-IR10 CACR-IR10SFB       Call
CACR-IR10 CACR-IR10SGB       Call
CACR-IR15 CACR-IR15151       Call
CACR-IR15 CACR-IR15SB       Call
CACR-IR15 CACR-IR15SC       Call
CACR-IR15 CACR-IR15SE       Call
CACR-IR15 CACR-IR15SEB       Call
CACR-IR15 CACR-IR15SEC       Call
CACR-IR15 CACR-IR15SFB       Call
CACR-IR15 CACR-IR15SGB       Call
CACR-IR20 CACR-IR20202       Call
CACR-IR20 CACR-IR2020C       Call
CACR-IR20 CACR-IR2020F       Call
CACR-IR20 CACR-IR20SB       Call
CACR-IR20 CACR-IR20SE       Call
CACR-IR20 CACR-IR20SEB       Call
CACR-IR20 CACR-IR20SED       Call
CACR-IR20 CACR-IR20SGB       Call
CACR-IR30 CACR-IR3030C       Call
CACR-IR30 CACR-IR30SB       Call
CACR-IR30 CACR-IR30SC Repair Exchange Sale Call
CACR-IR30 CACR-IR30SC1       Call
CACR-IR30 CACR-IR30SE       Call
CACR-IR30 CACR-IR30SEB       Call
CACR-IR30 CACR-IR30SED       Call
CACR-IR30 CACR-IR30SFB       Call
CACR-IR30 CACR-IR30SFD       Call
CACR-IR30 CACR-IR30SGB       Call
CACR-IR44 CACR-IR44SB       Call
CACR-IR44 CACR-IR44SC       Call
CACR-IR44 CACR-IR44SE       Call
CACR-IR44 CACR-IR44SEB       Call
CACR-IR44 CACR-IR44SEP       Call
CACR-IR44 CACR-IR44SFB       Call
CACR-IR44 CACR-IR44SFC       Call
CACR-IR44 CACR-IR44SGB       Call
Series Model Number Repair Exchange Sale  
CACR-PR01 CACR-PR01AA4       Call
CACR-PR01 CACR-PR01AC4       Call
CACR-PR01 CACR-PR01AD3       Call
CACR-PR01 CACR-PR01AD4       Call
CACR-PR02 CACR-PR02AA4       Call
CACR-PR02 CACR-PR02AD3       Call
CACR-PR02 CACR-PR02AD4       Call
CACR-PR03 CACR-PR03AA4       Call
CACR-PR03 CACR-PR03AC4       Call
CACR-PR03 CACR-PR03BC3       Call
CACR-PR03 CACR-PR03BCA       Call
CACR-PR05 CACR-PR05AA4       Call
CACR-PR05 CACR-PR05BCA       Call
CACR-PR07 CACR-PR07BCA Repair Exchange Sale Call
CACR-PR10 CACR-PR10BB3       Call
CACR-PR10 CACR-PR10BC3       Call
CACR-PR10 CACR-PR10BCA       Call
CACR-PR15 CACR-PR15BC3       Call
CACR-PR15 CACR-PR15BCA       Call
CACR-PR20 CACR-PR20BC3       Call
CACR-PR20 CACR-PR20BCA       Call
CACR-PR30 CACR-PR30BCA       Call
CACR-PR44 CACR-PR44BCA       Call
Series Model Number Repair Exchange Sale  
CACR-SR01 CACR-SR01AA2       Call
CACR-SR01 CACR-SR01AB1       Call
CACR-SR01 CACR-SR01AB2       Call
CACR-SR01 CACR-SR01AC1       Call
CACR-SR01 CACR-SR01AE1       Call
CACR-SR01 CACR-SR01AY1       Call
CACR-SR02 CACR-SR02AA2       Call
CACR-SR02 CACR-SR02AB1       Call
CACR-SR02 CACR-SR02AB2       Call
CACR-SR02 CACR-SR02AC1       Call
CACR-SR02 CACR-SR02AC2       Call
CACR-SR02 CACR-SR02AD1       Call
CACR-SR02 CACR-SR02AY1       Call
CACR-SR02 CACR-SR02AZ1       Call
CACR-SR02 CACR-SR02BE1       Call
CACR-SR02 CACR-SR02BY1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03AA2       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03AB1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03AB2 Repair Exchange Sale Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03AB2       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03AC1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03AC1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03AD1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03BB1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03BC1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03BE1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03BY1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03BZ1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03SB1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03SZ1       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03TB5       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03TZ0       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03TZ6       Call
CACR-SR03 CACR-SR03TZ9       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05AA2       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05AB1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05AC1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05AC2       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05AD1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05AY1 Repair Exchange Sale Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05AZ1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05BA1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05BB1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05BC1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05BE1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05BY1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05BZ1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05SB1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05SZ1       Call
CACR-SR05 CACR-SR05TZ6       Call
CACR-SR06 CACR-SR06TB5       Call
CACR-SR06 CACR-SR06TZ6       Call
CACR-SR06 CACR-SR06TZ9       Call
CACR-SR07 CACR-SR07AC1       Call
CACR-SR07 CACR-SR07AY1       Call
CACR-SR07 CACR-SR07BB1       Call
CACR-SR07 CACR-SR07BZ1       Call
CACR-SR09 CACR-SR09TZ0       Call
CACR-SR09 CACR-SR09TZ6       Call
Series Model Number Repair Exchange Sale  
CACR-SR10 CACR-SR10BB1       Call
CACR-SR10 CACR-SR10BC1       Call
CACR-SR10 CACR-SR10BE1       Call
CACR-SR10 CACR-SR10BY1       Call
CACR-SR10 CACR-SR10BZ1       Call
CACR-SR10 CACR-SR10SB1       Call
CACR-SR10 CACR-SR10SZ1       Call
CACR-SR12 CACR-SR12TB0       Call
CACR-SR12 CACR-SR12TB5       Call
CACR-SR12 CACR-SR12TB6       Call
CACR-SR12 CACR-SR12TZ0       Call
CACR-SR12 CACR-SR12TZ6       Call
CACR-SR12 CACR-SR12TZ9       Call
CACR-SR15 CACR-SR15BA1       Call
CACR-SR15 CACR-SR15BB1       Call
CACR-SR15 CACR-SR15BC1 Repair Exchange Sale Call
CACR-SR15 CACR-SR15BE1       Call
CACR-SR15 CACR-SR15BY1       Call
CACR-SR15 CACR-SR15BZ1       Call
CACR-SR15 CACR-SR15SB1       Call
CACR-SR15 CACR-SR15SZ1       Call
CACR-SR15 CACR-SR15VE1       Call
CACR-SR20 CACR-SR20BB1       Call
CACR-SR20 CACR-SR20BC1       Call
CACR-SR20 CACR-SR20BE1       Call
CACR-SR20 CACR-SR20BY1       Call
CACR-SR20 CACR-SR20BZ1       Call
CACR-SR20 CACR-SR20SB1       Call
CACR-SR20 CACR-SR20SZ1       Call
CACR-SR20 CACR-SR20TB0       Call
CACR-SR20 CACR-SR20TB6       Call
CACR-SR20 CACR-SR20TZ6       Call
Series Model Number Repair Exchange Sale  
CACR-SR30 CACR-SR30BB1       Call
CACR-SR30 CACR-SR30BC1       Call
CACR-SR30 CACR-SR30BE1       Call
CACR-SR30 CACR-SR30BY1       Call
CACR-SR30 CACR-SR30BZ1       Call
CACR-SR30 CACR-SR30SB1       Call
CACR-SR30 CACR-SR30SZ1       Call
CACR-SR30 CACR-SR30TB0       Call
CACR-SR30 CACR-SR30TZ6       Call
CACR-SR44 CACR-SR44BB1       Call
CACR-SR44 CACR-SR44BC1       Call
CACR-SR44 CACR-SR44BE1       Call
CACR-SR44 CACR-SR44BE1       Call
CACR-SR44 CACR-SR44BY1       Call
CACR-SR44 CACR-SR44BZ1       Call
CACR-SR44 CACR-SR44SB1       Call
CACR-SR44 CACR-SR44SZ1       Call
CACR-SR44 CACR-SR44TZ6       Call
CACR-SR44 CACR-SR44TZ9       Call
CACR-SR44 CACR-SR44TZO       Call
CACR-SR60 CACR-SR60BA1       Call
CACR-SR60 CACR-SR60BB1       Call
CACR-SR60 CACR-SR60BE1       Call
CACR-SR60 CACR-SR60BY1       Call
CACR-SR60 CACR-SR60TZ6       Call
Series Model Number Repair Exchange Sale  
CACR-TM55 CACR-TM555Z1       Call
CACR-TS11 CACR-TS111Z1       Call
CACR-UIR0 CACR-UIR0505       Call
CMPR-FD05 CMPR-FD05B1B       Call
CMPR-FD10 CMPR-FD10B1B       Call
CMPR-FD10 CMPR-FD10B1B       Call
CMPR-FD15 CMPR-FD15B0B       Call
CMPR-FD15 CMPR-FD15B1B       Call
CMPR-FD20 CMPR-FD20B1B       Call
CMPR-FD30 CMPR-FD30B1B       Call
CMPR-FD44 CMPR-FD44B1B       Call
CPCR-FR01 CPCR-FR01B       Call
CPCR-FR01 CPCR-FR01RB-       Call
Series Model Number Repair Exchange Sale  
CPCR-MR05 CPCR-MR052G       Call
CPCR-MR05 CPCR-MR052GB       Call
CPCR-MR05 CPCR-MR055K       Call
CPCR-MR08 CPCR-MR0808K       Call
CPCR-MR08 CPCR-MR082G       Call
CPCR-MR08 CPCR-MR082KA       Call
CPCR-MR08 CPCR-MR085K2       Call
CPCR-MR08 CPCR-MR08C-H       Call
CPCR-MR15 CPCR-MR152G       Call
CPCR-MR15 CPCR-MR152GC       Call
CPCR-MR15 CPCR-MR154G       Call
CPCR-MR15 CPCR-MR154K       Call
CPCR-MR15 CPCR-MR154K2       Call
CPCR-MR15 CPCR-MR155K2       Call
CPCR-MR22 CPCR-MR22CT       Call
CPCR-PF01 CPCR-PF01B-R       Call
CPCR-QR90 CPCR-QR906SF       Call
GN3-20-2M GN3-20-2MCI       Call
SAC-D08M SAC-D08M-A       Call
SAC-D15F SAC-D15F       Call
SAC-S08C SAC-S08C-101       Call
SAC-S12D SAC-S12D-101       Call
SAC-S19E SAC-S19E-101       Call
SAC-S19E SAC-S19E-104       Call
SAC-S26F SAC-S26F-101       Call
SAC-S33G SAC-S33G-101       Call
SAC-S33G SAC-S33G-104       Call
Series Model Number Repair Exchange Sale  
SGDA SGDA-04AS       Call
SGDA SGDA-05ASY19       Call
SGDA SGDA-08AS       Call
SGDB SGDB-03ADG       Call
SGDB SGDB-05ADG       Call
SGDB SGDB-10ADG       Call
SGDB SGDB-10ADGY1       Call
SGDB SGDB-10ADGY8       Call
SGDB SGDB-10AN       Call
SGDB SGDB-10VD       Call
SGDB SGDB-15ADG       Call
SGDB SGDB-15ADP       Call
SGDB SGDB-1AADG       Call
SGDB SGDB-20ADG-P       Call
SGDB SGDB-20ADGY6       Call
SGDB SGDB-30ADG       Call
SGDB SGDB-30ADGY8       Call
SGDB SGDB-44ADG       Call
SGDB SGDB-44ADS Repair Exchange Sale Call
SGDB SGDB-60ADG       Call
SGDH SGDH-05AE       Call
SGDH SGDH-10AE       Call
SGDH SGDH-20AE       Call
SGDH SGDH-30AE       Call
SGDH SGDH-50AE       Call
SGDH SGDH-60DE       Call
SGDH SGDH-75AE       Call
SGDM SGDM-10AC       Call

Contact us if you have any questions.

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  1. CACR-SR15BB1BF Servopack Repair

    Posted by CNC repair, United States on Jul 28th 2014

    Very good service for an excellent price. Will do business again. We got same day repair service for no extra money! Thank You!